Thomas Hoeffgen

New York | fashion, sport, portrait


Born in Kiel, Germany, Thomas Hoeffgen fell in love with photography while working on a ship full of juvenile delinquents. The job was part of his mandatory national civic service (performed in lieu of military service), and as the boat sailed around the Canary Islands Hoeffgen e livened up the situation by shooting portraits of the kids, capturing spontaneous personal moments as well as the passing scenery. This was the beginning of Hoeffgen’s pictorial relationship with movement, foreshadowing his enduring ability to record fleeting moments in a reduced, minimalistic and cinematic style.
After finishing his civic service, he moved to Spain at the age of twenty to assist the Mallorca-based art photographer Elizabeth Schäufler. Even before completing photography school, Thomas began shooting for prestigious sports clients such as Burton, Oxbow, and O’Neill, travelling all over the world to photograph advertising campaigns and capture their athletes on camera.
This early work brought him into contact with fashion and advertising clients such as Timberland, Renault, Diesel, Maybelline, Escada, Laurel, Adidas, Microsoft, BMW, Swatch, Audi, Red Bull, and Camel Active, Tommy Hilfiger, Hilton, Reebok,  all of whom were attracted by Thomas’s laidback, carefree style andby his energy and graphic simplicity.

His work has been published in magazines such as Art, Blend, British Journal of Photography, El Pais, FAZ, GQ, Stern, SZ-Magazin, Spex, Instyle, Glamour, Elle, Marie Claire, PDN, Anglomania, Wallpaper, Zoom, NZZ, Playboy and Outside Magazine.